Services You Can Choose With A Full-Service Move

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If you are planning to move but don't want to do any of the heavy lifting yourself, you can opt for a full-service move. Moving companies that offer these packages provide a host of different options you can take advantage of to make your move as quick and easy as possible. Here is a brief overview of some services you may want to consider.

Carton Pickup

One issue that arises after a move is that you are left with stacks of empty moving boxes and packing materials. Placing these items in your trash bin or dumpsters can be a signal to potential thieves that your home is filled with items they might want to take. This is particularly true if you were tedious with labeling each box. Moving companies that offer carton pickup will return to your home once you are completely unpacked and settled to remove the boxes and packing materials for you.

Maid Services

Some moving companies contract with local maid services to clean out your old home or apartment after you have moved. If you rented your previous home, this may be a good option to help ensure you get as much of your deposit back as possible. The cleaning service typically takes care of wiping down walls, cleaning floors, and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen. If any additional cleaning services are needed, let your moving company know in advance.

Appliance Service

If you will be moving your appliances to your new home, you'll likely need a bit of help getting them packed and unpacked. You may also need assistance hooking up these items once they arrive at your new home. Some full-service moving companies offer appliance packing, disconnection, and hookup, so your kitchen and laundry room will be ready to use the day you move in. Let your movers know if you have gas appliances, as there may be additional arrangements needed for setting up gas stoves and dryers.

Moving Protection Plans

Full-service moving companies may also offer insurance or protection plans to cover your items during the move. This helps you to recover the costs of replacing lost or damaged items during the move. While your moving company will do it's best to ensure your items arrive safely, accidents do sometimes happen. This additional coverage can help you to feel a bit more at ease with the moving process. If you purchase a moving package, this protection might be included with your move.

Moving companies, like Road Runners Delivery Service, may offer a wide range of other services as well, including electronics hookup, packing and unpacking, and furniture assembly. Consider all of the services you might need, and talk to your moving company to get an estimate for all of the services you want on moving day.

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