Choosing A Storage Facility: 4 Tips And Guidelines

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Maybe you're moving to a smaller house and you don't have space for all of your things. Or maybe you're traveling for a while and you need a space to stash your essentials while you're away. Whatever the reason, renting a storage unit can be very convenient. But there are a few tips you'll want to adhere to when looking for a storage company to rent from.

Choose a facility close to your new home.

It can be tempting to rent a storage unit near your current location and basically leave your things behind, figuring you'll return for them later. But here's the thing: you probably won't return for them later if doing so is too hard. If you really want to be able to access your items and use them later, rent a storage unit near your new home. This will probably mean paying a little more and spending a little more time to move the items further away to this storage unit, but if that means you're actually able to use the items again, it will be worth the effort.

Check out the security protocols.

There are some things you can let slide when renting a storage unit. Maybe the grounds are not as nicely landscaped as they could be, or perhaps the facility is not up-to-date with the latest technology. You should not, however, overlook security shortcomings. Make sure the facility you rent from has security cameras, restricts access to renters only, and has staff on-site to monitor the situation.

Choose a unit of the proper size.

There's a temptation to rent the smallest size unit because it is the cheapest. However, if you can't fit everything you have inside that small unit, then you'll be forced to throw away or sell things that you really wanted to keep! When in doubt, size up. It only costs you a few extra dollars a month, and you'll have room to actually move around as you pack and unpack the storage unit.

Look for a unit before you need it.

Start looking for a storage facility as soon as you know you will need one. Don't wait! The good ones go fast, and you don't want to find that your preferred facility is all booked up the day before you really need a space.

If you follow the tips above, you should have a good experience when renting a storage unit. Keeping things for later is often a good choice!

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