3 Main Factors That Influence the Costs of Long-Distance Moves

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Moving out of state or across the country? Long-distance moving can be a costly undertaking, and several factors will come into play when moving companies prepare a quote for your move.

The total cost estimate of any long-distance move is typically based on three primary variables: the distance involved, your shipment's weight, and any extras you may require. Continue reading to find out why movers consider these factors during the quote preparation process for long-distance moves.

The Distance Involved: Where Are You Going?

The estimated cost of your long-distance move is largely dependent on the distance between your current home address and the new one. Where you're going will impact the cost of fuel for the moving trucks, as well as how much the truck drivers will charge.

The greater the distance involved, the more you'll be required to pay to get your stuff across the country. The shorter the distance, the less you'll pay.

The Weight Of Your Shipment: How Much Stuff Do You Need To Move?

The amount of stuff you need shipped to your new residence will influence the size of the vehicle needed for the move. The bigger the size of the moving truck, the more expensive your move will be, and vice versa.

If you want to save money on your moving costs, consider reducing the total weight of your shipment. You can do this by donating, selling, or disposing of things you no longer use.

The Extras: Which Optional Services Do You Need?

When you're hiring a long-distance mover, you're typically charged for loading your items into a moving truck, transporting the shipment to your new home, and then unloading the items once the truck arrives at the intended destination.

If you need your mover to do any extra jobs, such as doing the packing and unpacking, as well as taking apart large furniture items and putting them back together, be prepared to pay extra.

Before hiring any mover, make sure you know what they offer as part of their standard package and what will cost you extra.

To avoid a surprising quote, get quotes from multiple moving companies near you before the actual date of your move. This will give you a chance to compare prices, as well as understand what's included or not included in each quote. Beyond comparing quotes, choose a company that has a proven track record of helping their clients with smooth, stress-free long-distance moves. 

If you have any questions about the services provided by long-distance moving companies, you can reach out to one in your area such as Ruff and Ready Moving.

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