Simple Tips for Preparing Your RV for Storage

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During the times when you are not using your RV, it may be necessary to store it. When it may be many weeks or longer before you use the RV again, it is important to prepare it for its time in storage; otherwise, the RV could be at risk of suffering a number of damages and other problems. As you are preparing the RV for storage at a facility such as Blanco Self Storage, there are steps that can provide you with substantial benefits.

Drain the RV

It is common for RVs to contain plumbing systems. As a part of these systems, the RV may have water storage tanks or waste storage systems. Prior to storing the RV, these fluids will need to be drained from the system. Leaving potable water in the storage tanks for long periods of time can lead to bacterial growths that could create health hazards. Also, the potable and wastewater can both degrade the storage tanks if they are left in them for long periods of time. This is particularly true for wastewater as it can be highly acidic. Lastly, these fluids can freeze during periods of cold weather, and this can cause serious structural damage to the plumbing system of the RV.

Check the Weather Stripping and Seals

Around the windows and doors of the RV, there will be a series of seals and weather stripping. These materials will help to prevent drafts and moisture seeping into the RV. While these seals are often extremely durable, they will degrade over the course of time and as a result of exposure to harsh conditions. Checking these seals before you put the RV into storage can allow you to avoid potential problems. When you notice that these seals are starting to loosen or become visibly cracked, it will be wise to invest in replacing them before the RV goes into storage. Luckily, this is a fairly simple and cheap repair that should only take a few minutes to perform.

Appreciate the Benefits of Covered RV Storage

As you are considering your options for storing the RV, you may assume that simply leaving it parked in your driveway will be the most efficient solution. However, this can expose the RV to a number of serious forms of wear and tear that could cause major body and mechanical damages to it. While you may have to pay extra for covered storage for your RV, this is an expense that can save you the need for more expensive repairs in the future.

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