3 Tips For Limiting Contact With The Ground When Packing A Storage Unit

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One of the concerns you could have when putting your belongings into a storage unit is simply keeping everything clean. Instead of feeling worried about the extensive cleaning that your items could need while in the storage unit, consider the following tips to ensure that your items will be much safer.

Include Shelving Systems

One of the most effective ways to protect your items is to have everything lifted off the ground. This can be as simple as having a shelving system that provides the right spot for boxes to go. The right shelving system can protect everything more efficiently instead of placing all your items on the ground and hoping they won't be damaged.

Check if you're able to set up shelves inside the storage unit, including storage from the ceiling, to ensure that everything is protected while stored out of sight.

Consider Suitable Packing

Along with using shelving, you can notice a big difference in protecting your items by using the correct packing. Instead of worrying that your belongings will be in rough condition once you retrieve them out of storage later, you should check whether you're using the right kind of packing.

From plastic tarps to vacuum-sealed bags, you run the risk of your items being damaged if you use haphazard packaging. Checking if your belongings will benefit from being stored with specific packaging can ensure that most damage can be avoided and that your items will hold up regardless of how long you have them placed in storage.

Ask About Climate Control 

Climate control can make an enormous difference in how protected your belongings are, making it an excellent thing to check when you want your items to be protected. Instead of worrying that some items are going to be significantly damaged in storage, consider climate control and whether it will come at an extra cost or not.

By regulating the temperature inside the storage unit, mildew and other climate-related issues can be avoided for your belongings. Since climate control isn't included at all storage facilities, it's good to factor it into your decision of where to rent.

With the above tips for protecting your items, you won't feel as nervous about the condition of everything while in storage. Since you don't want your items to be sitting on the ground and exposed to some of the more common forms of damage, taking these precautions can hope you feel much better about how everything holds up over time. 

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